INTRODUCING THE Harbor Stone® System

Built for Productivity, Privacy + Safety

Maintain Social Distacing
72" Desk Radius
Provide User Privacy
Steel or PET Privacy Screens
Maximize Available Space
Natural Shapes Allow for Spatial Efficieny
About our Design

Creating a Unique Personal Experience

Designed in partnership between Elkus Manfredi + Studio Other, the Harbor Stone® System provides a unique perspective on floor plan layouts and user needs. As the pandemic has changed the future of the office forever, we have tweaked the original Harbor Stone design to better accommodate the needs of a more distant, sanitary and safe workplace.

With its naturally occurring amorphous clusters, much like those found in nature, the Harbor Stone® System brings humanity to the workplace. It achieves a flow, a natural balance, and a sense of ease that benefits not only the individual user, but also the overall space. The solution taps into our innate instinctive response to nature, while it also demonstrates what proponents of modern organic design have known — organic shapes actually work better for efficiency.

The results provide not only a highly functioning workspace, but one prepared to respond the growing need for social distancing and safety concerns.

How it Feels

The organic curve of the desk and privacy screen (a radius of 37”) enfolds the user, allowing them to engage with their workspace in a more natural way.The height adjustment range of 27” to 45.5” provides an ergonomic work surface for the majority of users.

The curved work surface edge allows for an ergonomic reach to various locations on the surface when pivoting from a center seated position. The curved privacy panel and continuous wire scallop allow for consistent focal vision length minimizing eyestrain if multiple monitors are in use.

How it Helps

The unique stone shape creates a natural 72" diameter between each workstation which provides an ample buffer for social distancing.

Additionally the use of the Power Beam systems allows for more organic shaped pods of stations to be positioned throughout the floor plan which allows for employees to return to the office than with traditional rectangular stations.

Finally the screens not only provide a spacial barrier for user privacy but a protective barrier for airborne contamination.

How it Works

Power and data is brought from the floor into a hub, and is then distributed along the Power Beam cabling system. The Power Beams span over the hubs. The hubs allow for multiple-angle beam connections, which accommodate flexible and organic layouts.

Felt sleeves connect the modular electrical system from the power beam to each desk while providing configuration flexibility. The sleeve feeds into a cable tray under the desk, which has ample room for a variety of J-boxes. Cables are neatly tucked into the tray, eliminating the visual clutter of dangling wires.

A convenient cleat is placed under the desk to store personal items.

Design Features

Ease of Use

The Harbor Stone® System is engineered to install quickly with a limited number of parts. Pre-piloted holes and nut inserts allow for speed of installation with simple tools.

The continuous slot along the back worksurface allows cables to drop at any point into the cable tray below accommodating a variety of desktop technology. For mobile devices, the unit offers a flush, easily-accessible desktop outlet.

A Unique Partnership

"When we approach the design of office spaces, the four guiding principles are always humanity, resiliency, flexibility and agility."

Elizabeth Lowrey
Principal + Director of Interior Architecture
Elkus Manfredi ARchitects
Harbor Stone® Configurations

Steel Privacy Screen

Harbor Stone® Configurations

PET Privacy Screen

Harbor Stone® Configurations

Social Distancing


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